The Future Is Now for Building Smart,
Are You SmartReady?

Smart building isn’t just a luxury add-on anymore, it’s crucial to a facility’s viability today and for the future. The foundation of a true smart building starts with BETCO and our exclusive SmartReady™ package, which provides the blueprint to plan ahead and lay the groundwork for a true smart building before the ground is even broken.


BETCO’s 40 years of building experience combined with the expertise of Access Control Technologies, Janus International, and Nokē Smart Entry creates a package of components and design for your building’s infrastructure that will truly make your building smart. Pairing these services with BETCO’s world-class, skillfully designed buildings means you’ll have a truly smart facility that will ensure viability and profitability for years to come.

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Smart Buildings Include:

  • BETCO buildings
  • Janus International's award-winning doors
  • ACT's access control, gates, surveillance, and alarm design and installation
  • Nokē Smart Entry keyless smart entry points, keypads, and electronic locks

The trifecta of award-winning products changes the standard for class-A facilities in the self-storage industry by offering more robust and comprehensive solutions to the self-storage market.

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Now that you know more about how BETCO smart buildings can improve your business as well as the customer experience, there are several resources that can give you the tools you need to achieve your dream smart facility.

1 - Keys to Creating a ‘Smart’ Facility and Future-Proofing Your Self-Storage Business

A special webinar was held that explained the advantages of smart building and how to leverage this cutting-edge technology to ensure success, today and tomorrow, regardless of facility size or location.

Topics of this exclusive webinar included:

  • What “smart” building is
  • How a smart facility can improve your business, now and in the future
  • The steps to take when first considering smart solutions
  • Options available for any size facility or approach
  • How to assemble a “dream team” to make your vision a reality

Access the full webinar here and learn more about this smart approach that is revolutionizing our business.

2 - Building Smart: A Wiser Approach for Building the Smart Self-Storage Facility of Your Dreams

BETCO has released an exclusive white paper covering the crucial components that all intelligently designed smart self-storage facilities have, as well as 5 ways any owner-operator can put that knowledge to use to create their ideal smart solution, for today and tomorrow.

Access the full BETCO white paper here and learn more about this smart approach that assures you’ll be leading the way for years to come.