Not All Buildings Are Created Equal

The foundation of the all-new Smart building gives you the skillfully crafted custom BETCO building. It features award-winning roll-up doors from Janus International that are known for their ease of installation, operation and maintenance. It's completed with robust technology and security products and integrations from the Nokē Smart Entry division. These innovative solutions include Nokē smart locks, Nokē smart keypads as well as smart camera and thermostat integration through the Nokē Smart Entry platform.


Betco Smart Building_graphic


Smart Buildings Include:

  • BETCO buildings
  • Janus International's award-winning doors
  • Nokē Smart Entry smart keypads and smart locks
  • Smart camera integration through the Nokē Smart Entry platform
  • Smart Thermostat integration through the Nokē Smart Entry platform

The trifecta of award-winning products changes the standard for class-A facilities in the self-storage industry by offering more robust and comprehensive solutions to the self-storage market.


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