How to Find Financing

Financing a Self Storage Business

Securing financing for your facility is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. Contact your local community bank – historically, this is the best source for financing a self storage facility – or contact a local commercial bank that you have a good relationship with.

With no history of performance, lenders are reluctant to finance new sites, so it’s essential to provide them with a professional and extensive loan package. Offer a complimentary proforma or sample loan package that you can modify to fit your deal.

There are three types loans for financing a self storage business:

Construction Loan – This is a customized loan package to get a loan to build your facility.

Refinance Loan – Once a facility is 80% occupied or higher, loans may be refinanced. This may be available at a better rate or terms, and offer the ability to draw cash from equity for expansion or improvements.

Acquisition Loan – This loan may be an option if an existing facility is being purchase, or money is necessary to acquire another piece of commercial property.

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