Self Storage: Paving the Rhode to an Attractive New Future

Self Storage: Paving the Rhode to an Attractive New Future

Real estate developers are constantly looking forward to their next successful business opportunity and for many, self storage is a promising new venture. As other markets have fluctuated over the years, self storage demand has remained high and lucrative for owners, with no decline in sight.


A Logical Future in Self Storage

Brady Sullivan Properties certainly found this to be true. Having developed and managed primarily residential and commercial retail projects over the past 28 years, they decided that entering the self storage industry was the next logical step. As a result, True Storage was established and they set out to find a partner in the industry that had the self storage expertise they needed to ensure success.

Upon finding the perfect location for their first self storage build, like most developers, True Storage proceeded with a feasibility study, which confirmed the Cranston, RI location of interest was the ideal home for this new Cube Smart operated facility and helped guide their vision for the design and layout. With their history of developing in the area, connections with local construction and project managers were already in place and ready to get started.


The Foretold [Multi] Story

True Storage chose to build a multi-story facility for this site, which is becoming more of an industry-standard in many markets today and no longer considered only by urban developers. Building up is often the best way to match efficiency with market demand, no matter the size of the site. In urban and suburban areas alike, where growth is favorable for new self storage projects, it can be impossible to find a 5+ acre site on which to build. Multi-story construction offers great flexibility for competing in markets where existing commercial buildings may have already snatched up the best sites with enough acreage for single-story construction.


Cube Smart Multi-Story Facility in Rhode Island



Let’s not overlook the aesthetic advantages that multi-story construction brings to the table as well. Building a larger, more modern and prominent facility can also set you apart from the competition, offering more options that appeal to today’s customer demands. With more road visibility, and creative design features, which we’ll get into later, the building itself is practically a billboard for your storage facility. Additionally, multi-story storage buildings with a combination of smaller and larger storage units that offer both drive-up and indoor climate-controlled options can greatly push net rentable square footage and income higher, without overbuilding.


Self Storage Laws of Attraction

With BETCO specializing in custom solutions for each self storage project as well as handling the legwork, True Storage was able to incorporate their architectural flair and vision to the structure without a blink of an eye. From downspouts to the thoughtful material and color choice, and the front-facing glass-enclosed faux doors, this facility is a surefire standout. The custom multi-story building combined with the faux doors, which are elevated in a well-lit space, provides greater visibility that can’t go noticed.


“When we decided to hire a trusted company to design, manufacture, and build our first facility we preferred to have one company handle every step in the process. We found through our research that BETCO was able to complete the entire project in-house, offer custom solutions, and provided a competitive bid as well.”

- Chris Lewis, True Storage



BETCO’s Regional Sales Representative, Henry Tracz, Jr, worked with True Storage in the early stages to determine the best options for their storage unit layout and exterior finishes. Ultimately, they chose to move forward with the metal siding option. This is a popular pick since it is the most cost-effective option, without sacrificing aesthetics.


Cube Smart Cranston, RI exterior


BETCO was the muscle behind this ground-up multi-story construction and handled each step along the way, from consultation to providing the materials and erecting the facility. BETCO’s in-house engineering department also worked with their architect on all technical details, offering suggestions and cost-saving options, as well as eliminating the middleman of an additional vendor.


“Oftentimes, the architect can paint a pretty picture but doesn’t always have the resources to consider how the structure will be built and how to save money along the process. I was able to provide them with that insight and answer any questions they had directly.”

- Henry Tracz, Jr, BETCO Inc.



This partnership gave True Storage the confidence to be aggressive and move forward with developing multiple facilities simultaneously. They have 3 projects currently under construction and 8 more in the queue, with BETCO providing all-inclusive service and products for each of their facilities.


An Epic Solution

BETCO provides direct answers and solutions that are essential to every self storage building project while keeping the customer’s bottom-line and overall vision in mind. Regardless of the size or location of your new storage facility, BETCO is a trusted partner from beginning to end. For over 36 years, BETCO has been partnering with self storage developers across the world to provide high quality, custom self storage building solutions.


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