What’s the Best Storage Facility for a Boat or RV?

What’s the Best Storage Facility for a Boat or RV?


Boats and RVs are significant investments, so it’s no surprise that owners want to store their prized possessions somewhere safe during the off-season. 2022 was the third-best year on record for RV sales. As such, more people are vying for this precious storage space. Boat and RV tenants want thoughtful amenities that save them time and effort when handling their recreational vehicles. Per a recent Self Storage Association study, convenience was rated as one of the top customer priorities in 2022.

But not all on-site storage facilities are created equal, and sometimes, paying more upfront for a better building means significant savings later. We’ll tell you about the options so you can decide which one’s best for you
and potentially capture more of this lucrative niche market.


Types of RV and Boat Storage Options

Uncovered: While you might find the lowest rental rates with this type of outdoor storage, it’s more susceptible to theft and vandalism. It also leaves boats and RVs exposed to harsh weather and damaging pests, meaning owners could spend more on repairs in the future.

Keylock, Outdoor uncovered (1)


Canopy: A metal canopy offers an economical storage solution while providing more weather protection than a fully uncovered facility. It can also accommodate different parking options with more flexible space, eliminating the hassle of maneuvering a large vehicle.



Interior Enclosed: This type of storage facility is typically in a space converted to house a mix of different self-storage uses. But, it’s inside, so security is usually enhanced, and outdoor elements aren’t a problem.

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Fully Enclosed: Rental rates are higher at a fully enclosed storage facility, but owners who want peace of mind that their beloved boat or motorhome is most protected are willing to pay more for this option. A fully enclosed building can provide the highest level of security and protection from things that can cost more in repairs later. Damaging UV rays from the sun, excessive heat, and freezing temperatures can all take a toll on a vehicle.

RV Bldg-exterior enclosed


Condo Storage: Like residential condos, indoor condo storage for RVs is purchased instead of leased. It allows owners to resell their space and possibly recoup the money. This RV storage facility will likely cost the most per month, but it’s also an option with the cushiest perks like a climate-controlled interior, wash stations, and ample parking spaces.



Security is a Must

High-dollar items like boats and RVs are prime targets for theft. And while there are rental costs for on-site storage, it’s more secure than parking large recreational vehicles in a personal yard or driveway, and many communities have rules against this. So, owners seeking maximum protection want storage options with security measures like access control systems, gates, motion sensors, and multiple security cameras. The conveniences these solutions offer to tenants can also be a differentiator.

The Nokē Smart Entry system of products has a Bluetooth electronic lock and total access control system that allows your customers to easily access your self-storage facility and their unit from their smart device. This technology grants tenants’ quick storage unit access plus real-time monitoring through their smartphones. Additionally, occupants can share a digital key with friends, family, movers, or anyone in need of temporary access all within an app. Meaning owners can spend less time and money in the summer season on manhours and enjoy welcoming happy tenants. And the best news? Nokē is retrofittable with existing facility components, making it even easier to adopt in older facilities or base in smart buildings.

Extra Space Required

Storage facilities that can fit boats and RVs need more land – about double the size of an average 5-acre self-storage project – due to the length and width of the vehicles. You don’t want a cramped space with multiple sharp turns when trying to fit a luxury 45-ft-Class A motorhome into a parking spot.

Easy Access is a Plus

While you want to keep thieves away, you don’t want to deter owners from accessing their property. BETCO, based in Statesville, NC, gives owners convenient access to their boat or RV by offering digital automation, like Nokē Elevate which provides tenants with easy access controlled by a smartphone and can even help meet ADA compliances in certain states. 

Many consider their RVs and boats prized possessions that provide a happy escape from the daily grind. Protecting this investment can mean spending a higher price rent for a more secure, easily accessible building. This investment is worth it in the long run if it means less exposure to theft or damage and gives your tenets peace of mind. Remember, the more amenities your facility offers beyond a primary building, the higher the rental rate you can collect for storage services.


Ready to build your smart building or update your boat and RV storage facility? Let the dream team of BETCO Inc., Janus International Group, Inc., Access Control Technologies and Nokē Smart Entry® combine efforts to create a smart storage facility that suits your boat and RV clientele. Contact an experienced sales rep at BETCO today to start smart.


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