Single Source

Single Source Self Storage Manufacturer

constructionWhy is it important to deal with a single source self storage manufacturer rather than a broker?

BETCO has over three decades of self storage experience, and offers both newcomers and existing owners business education and support. When you need new or replacement parts, or have any questions, you can contact a single source for answers, not a host of suppliers.



BETCO delivers all your building needs and services from a single source.

  • Components are manufactured in our state-of-the-art plant in Statesville, North Carolina
  • We use the finest materials, the latest machine technology and manufacturing processes
  • Most components are manufactured of galvanized steel and Galvalume®, the strongest, most corrosive-resistant steel in the industry
  • We work with you through virtually every step of your building project, including site development and construction, building design, manufacturing, and shipping
  • You work in partnership with a single, professional self storage manufacturer that has been in business since 1984

BETCO offers several self storage product lines and specialized structures to meet specific needs:

  • Customized structures
  • General purpose buildings
  • Moveable buildings
  • RV and boat buildings

Self Storage Design

Our Design Department designs efficient, innovative and durable metal buildings and has the practical experience to understand how good design filters down to the details.

  • BETCO provides sealed, structural drawings, including foundation plans for the permitting and inspection processes
  • Assists with selecting the number and location of units, unit mix, and choice of components and materials
  • Prepares efficient and uncomplicated building designs making construction fast and smooth, with no costly delays.

Self Storage Packaging and Shipping

packaging:shippingBETCO components are shipped in our own special packaging to protect them against shipping damage and the elements, even when stored prior to construction:

  • Interior partitions — wrapped with treated blue plastic for protection against the elements
  • Painted building structures —wrapped with foam wrapping for delivery
  • Painted trim — wrapped with brown craft paper and placed in a wax-coated cardboard box
  • Roll-up doors — wrapped for protection against the elements and shipping hazards

Self Storage Installation

BETCO is not only a manufacturer, but we also install our own buildings with a pool of professionally trained and certified construction crews. And because we schedule our crews to coincide with your delivery, your building will be installed to meet your timetable. This means you can open quicker and start making money faster. Additionally, on BETCO-installed projects, our Field Superintendents are assigned to oversee the construction process to make sure everything goes as planned.

The Best Warranties in the Business!

BETCO Offers the BEST Self Storage Warranties In the Business!warranty

  • 10-year labor warranty on all standard buildings with standing-seam roofs
  • 40-year warranty on all pre-painted surfaces
  • 20-year warranty on interior structural components and partitions
  • 25-year warranty on roof panels