BETCO Announces Launch of New Brand and Addition to Executive Team

BETCO INC., A Premier Turn-Key Manufacturer of Self-Storage Buildings, Announces Launch of New Brand and Key Addition to the Executive Team

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When is the Best Time to Open a Self Storage Facility?

As an operator of a self storage facility, it is important to make every decision strategically. To be as successful as possible, there is no room for a lackadaisical approach. This doesn’t just apply to day-to-day operations.

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How Automation Can Make Self Storage More Profitable

Over the last decade, the U.S. has seen significant evolution in the way businesses are run. Specifically, tech advancements have popularized automation to make businesses more consumer-friendly, efficient and

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The Self Storage Industry Is Becoming 2018’s Hottest Investment

You’ve probably seen them popping up in your town, and your neighboring town, and anywhere you travel to – the self storage industry is growing rapidly.

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Turning Idle Buildings into Active Self Storage

Self storage is one of today’s fastest-growing forms of commercial real estate. One strategy that is becoming very popular with entrepreneurs is the conversion of pre-existing structures into self storage buildings.

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Multi-Story Self-Storage: An Investment Opportunity

Self-storage is a relatively new industry that is rapidly changing. It has evolved from single-story storage units to temperature and humidity-controlled facilities.

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Quality Design Wins Support for Self-Storage Facilities

Municipal approval of self-storage facility projects has its ups and downs. In one community, the local city council may turn down a request to build a self-storage facility. In another, it may heartily say “Yes.” The answer to

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How to Make Your Self-Storage Facility Eco-friendly

Spending on construction in the self-storage industry has grown rapidly in the last two years, according to U.S. Census Bureau statistics reported by SpareFoot Storage Beat in September.

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How to Market a Self Storage Business for Maximum Profitability

So, you’ve made the leap into self-storage business ownership—or at least you’re seriously considering it. When it comes to doing business, though, having the service or product ready to go is only half the battle. To be

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Flexibility in Design with Customizable Self Storage Partition Walls

Customers change—and over time, so do their self storage needs. When you first design your self storage building for a specific locale or demographic, you choose a unit mix and self storage partition walls that are responsive to

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