How Automation Can Make Self Storage More Profitable

How Automation Can Make Self Storage More Profitable


Over the last decade, the U.S. has seen significant evolution in the way businesses are run. Specifically, tech advancements have popularized automation to make businesses more consumer-friendly, efficient and ultimately: profitable.

Self storage has not been exempt from these tech advancements and the industry has seen some impressive updates.

How Automation Can Be Applied to Self Storage Management

Automation offers a range of options for improving the user experience. Implementing tools like a mobile-friendly website, online renting, kiosk rental stations, online bill-pay, mobile phone-activated gate access and text reminders can entice the tech-savvy, modern renter.

Making self storage a friendly and accessible option for consumers not only draws in more renters, it can increase the value of your available units.

Minimize Expenses

Perhaps the most important innovation brought about by automation for self storage owners and managers is the ability to minimize expenses.

In the past, a self storage facility absolutely had to have an on-site manager. With the advancements brought about by automation, that is no longer the case. Many self storage facilities are now opting to have fully-unmanned facilities. Imagine the money saved on staffing costs if self storage owners could operate their facilities without the cost of hourly employees.

An unmanned self storage facility is achieved primarily through the use of kiosks. Installing a self-service kiosk does require an upfront investment, but it is typically minimal and eventually the savings from staffing costs will compensate. In addition to saving money for self storage facility owners, self-service kiosks improve customer satisfaction and allow the facilities to remain open 24 hours a day.

Modernize Your Marketing

One of the most important considerations for self storage business owners is marketing. Now more than ever, consumers rely on the internet and social media for finding professional services. To remain relevant and competitive with other similar business owners, self storage facility managers must develop a modern marketing strategy that utilizes consistent automated (pre-scheduled) email marketing, mobile alerts, social media and a strong web presence.

Modernized marketing increases sales, sustains any existing customer base and grows a businesses’ presence in its relevant community.

Fortunately, recent tech advancements have made DIY marketing affordable and simple. Since all business owners are trying to up their digital marketing game, there are many tools available on the web to assist.

Automating your self storage facility doesn’t have to break the bank. Facility enhancements are an investment not only in your building, but in your long-term business success. For more information on automation options, contact BETCO  for a free consultation.