Roll-Up Doors

One of the most important features of a self-storage building is the roll-up door. Because it has moving parts, it is imperative that the doors move up and down smoothly for thousands of repetitions. As a manufacturer, BETCO has concentrated on producing the highest quality doors possible. When we got into the door business we combined the best features of every door being made and produced our own special version that remains top-of-the-line.

BETCO curtain panels are made of galvanized steel and are roll formed to a configuration that provides for high wind strength and minimum flex. All self-storage roll-up doors are coated with a high durability paint, which comes with a 40-Year Film Integrity Warranty and a 30-Year Warranty against chalking and fading. Door springs come with a 10-Year Warranty. All doors come with coil springs, brackets, hardware, door stops, side latches, tension adjuster, and are available in a variety of colors.

   See COLOR OPTIONS for BETCO Roll-Up Doors
    • Tension Adjuster is standard equipment on all roll-up doors and includes
      permanently lubricated radial bearings.
    • Door Stop Channel, designed by BETCO engineers, ensures a safe stop everytime
    • Low Density Polyethylene Edge Wear Guards are locked to both track edges which
      ensure protection against door wear and damage.
    • Curtain panels are hydraulically pressed together to form a crimped offset interloc
      that prevents panel separation during repeated use.





  1. Axle Drums - Robotically welded to axle to ensure smooth operation. Exposed axle ends and springs are painted with a zinc primer to protect against rusting.
  2. Door Springs - Designed, manufacture and calibrated to operate without adjustment and with maximized cycle life.
  3. Door Mounting Brackets - Made of 12 gauge G90 galvanized coated steel, incorporating a 14 gauge G90 galvanized steel Door Bracket Adapter that helps locate the spring concentrically around the axle and also provides an additional bearing surface for the axle to ride on to prevent excessive axle wear.
  4. Door Stops - Made of 12 gauge galvanized steel to ensure a positive stop.
  5. Door Curtain - Fabricated on automated state of the art equipment that ensures curtain is square and securely crimped together.
  6. Door Tracks - 18 gauge G90 galvanized steel provides additional panel clearance when door is being closed to prevent door curtain damage.
  7. Dampening Strips - Felt strips are applied to the backside of door curtains to protect the painted surface from damage and aid in a smooth operation.
  8. Latch Assembly - Made of corrosive-resistant stainless steel that accommodates 2 shackled locks. Locks furnished by the customer. Cylinder latches available upon request.
  9. Door Handles - Fabricated from 14 gauge galvanized steel. 1 handle provided on doors up to 6 ft. wide and 2 handles on doors over 6 ft. in width


  1. Door Bottom - Made of anodized aluminum for resistance to weather and corrosion. Reinforced by an G90 galvanized 50ksi steel door stop channel.
  2. Rubber Seal - Bulb-type seal retains its shape and sealing ability indefinitely down to -10o F.
  3. Felt Material on Drums.



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